How to secure your Octoprint installation

The community of makers using 3D printers is growing. So does the community of Octoprint users. Of course these users want to access their printers interface from remote.

The ISC was mentioning lots of insecure Octoprint installation in one of their posts. 

In return there was another blog post at telling about more or less secure practices to gain remote access to Octoprint installations. Here is my take on this.

The mentioned blog post tell about how insecure it is to just open a port for forwarding on your router. Do never forget: once you enable the port forwarding, your Octoprint installation is visible to the world, and bad guys could possibly hijack your installation, and turn your heatbed and nozzle to „5 million degrees“, burn your house, and more. So it might be a good idea to add some security to our installation.

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