How to generate TOTP tokens – by using OTPweb

2 Factor Authentication became a thing, since more and more websites offer to protect your account by enabling „2FA“. Some pages use proprietary way like SMS, but most webpages rely on TOTP – Time-based One Time Passwords. But how do you generate TOTP tokens – by using OTPweb, of course.

If you need more information about the technology itself, is a good start.

There are many apps for IOS and Android to generate such tokens. Google Authenticator is a well known one. However, trusting an app for security related stuff is not everyones darling.

A few years ago, I was evaluating how much Google was influencing my digital life (German), and how I could change this. OTPweb is one more step to get rid of Google stuff.

I created a php / database driven web solution addressing such concerns, and it is called OTPweb. It is open source (OSS) under GPL3, and you find the source code and some more information about it at

OTPweb comes with a modern, responsive web layout, and all security related database entries are encrypted using AES-256-CBC. It is time to take control over your data, again.

Generate TOTP tokens – by using OTPweb!

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