Remove those freaking Youtube overlay ads using AdBlock+

Youtube started pushing overlay ads. At least for me this is completely new. Some of my most liked youtube channels show something like this before the video starts:

Those ads count down a few seconds, are replaced by another one, and once you made it to ignore 2 of these, the video finally starts playing.

I do not care about Youtubes income as long as tax avoidance policies are in place, and the channels I watch most get money using other services, outside Youtube. So I do not feel any bad about removing these ads. Finally, Youtube promised to respect the users wish for ad blocking, so finally, I just help them with that.

But how to get rid of these ads? Easy, open AdBlock+, and ad the given rules:\:2k\:3m

That’s it. Happy video watching!
PS: Downside: the autoplay waits for the hidden ads to finish.

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